5 Flowers for Your Seder Table This Passover

5 Flowers for Your Seder Table This Passover

March 23, 2017

Many have heard of Passover being that it falls on the week before Easter and considering that these two holidays are often used in the same sentence, but few and far between are those who know what it’s all about. Although these days Easter is more commonly celebrated with candy-filled baskets and Easter egg hunts for the kids, Passover has a deep and special meaning that is unknown to many. Passover, a holiday that lasts an entire week, is a Jewish holiday celebrating the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

Despite the fact that flowers did not initially play any sort of important role in this holiday, over the years many Jewish families have used flowers to decorate their seder tables for when the family reunites, considering the fact that Passover falls on a week in which winter starts to wave goodbye and spring begins to peek its head through the door.

Flowers are not only used for Seder table decoration during Passover. Along with fruits, sweets, and other gift baskets full of goodies they have become a traditional gift.

Check out some of the most popular flowers used during Passover that you can use to spice up your table.



Pink and white lilies

Photo taken from J. Parker’s Dulch Bulbs

If these flowers tickle your senses, you might like a bouquet like these.



A field of white daisies

Photo taken from Garden of Eden Flower Shop

If you fancy flowers like these, but prefer a little color, we’ve got the perfect bouquet for you. If you’re looking for even more color, check out these breathtaking blooms.



A ring of pink, red, and white carnations

Can’t wait to get your hands on blooms like these? No worries, we can help you out with that. Click here.



A field of daffodils

Photo take from Flower Meaning

If you’re digging yellow flowers like these, we’ve got a bouquet like this one waiting for you.  Or if you want even more yellow and you happen to be more of a rose fan, click here to indulge now.



A field of violets

Photo taken from Lexington Soaps

Have purple flowers like these got your attention? If so, click here for a bouquet we think you might like. Want to see more? Take a quick peek at this bouquet


Even if Passover isn’t a common tradition in your household, the reality is, you don’t need a specific reason to indulge in our bouquets. Our flowers have the power to light up a dinner table in the blink of an eye, put a smile on someone’s face, or make any occasion a special one.


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