5 Flowery Easter Basket Ideas

5 Flowery Easter Basket Ideas

March 16, 2017

Easter time has rolled around again, a time filled with elegant pastel-colored decorations, egg-painting, Easter egg hunts for the kids, and lots and lots of candy-filled baskets! These days, it seems like Easter has become a holiday for kids to have all the fun while all the adults stand by and watch as their children stuff their faces with candy and run around on the hunt for hidden Easter eggs. We all remember those days when we used to do the same, but with time we just seemed to lose interest.


This Easter season we’ve got something that’ll spark that interest that anyone of any age can do. Maybe you’ve really never been into the whole decorating thing, let alone during Easter, but who ever said it’s too late to start something new? Embellishing your Easter basket is actually easier than you thnk and might be just what it takes to have your sweet-toothed kids forgetting all about the candy.  

Check out these Easter flower basket designs and take some tips from these artists! 

Lisa Hyman

Link to Lisa Hyman

Wow, that rose basket really caught our eye! If it caught yours and your looking to decorate a basket like this one, we’ve got flowers for that! Click here.

DIY Masters Blog

Link to DIY Masters Blog

Talk about pretty in pink! Yeah, we’ve got you’re back with this one too. Pink roses like these are just waiting for you.

Paper & Stitch


Link to Paper & Stitch

Check out these guys and they’ll actually show you how to make this basket step by step! First, you’ll need flowers like these before you can get started. Follow their lead and you’ll be a pro before you know it. 


Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog 

Link to Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

Jelly beans, peeps, and flowers all in one!  Whoever said you had to use a basket? Check out how Jenn has taken Easter decorating to an all new level. We might not have the sweets but you better believe we got the flowers.

Design Improvised

Link to Design Improvised

Seriously, the beauty of these flowers even make the eggs in this basket look better! If you’re up for the challenge check out our online shop for flowers that’ll help you with your design.

Now that you’ve gotten a look at how some of these people are stealing the show from the Easter bunny with their flower-adorned baskets, it’s time to try it yourself. Check out our online shop where you can get Fairtrade certified flower bouquets ideal for a gift, quick flower fix, or even an Easter basket decoration. We’ll cut your flowers the minute you order and ship them right to your front door.



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