5 Tricks for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

5 Tricks for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

September 30, 2017

We can all admit that flowers possess an undeniable beauty unlike any other plant and that their elegance has a magical way of stirring up emotions deep within us. A fresh flower bouquet always seems to add a special touch to any environment.  However, what we can’t admit, is that we often get the chance to admire them for very long, being that flowers in a vase tend to shrivel up and wither fairly quickly. The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional florist or have a green thumb to know how to take care of your flowers by applying a few simple techniques.


 Person cutting a single rose stem

1. Trim and recut your flowers often

Obviously this isn’t something you think twice about. Some people don’t practice this trick but the fact is that something so simple can significantly increase the vase life of your flowers. Cutting the stems and at an angle about 1”from the bottom of the stem will allow your flowers to soak up the most water possible. It is highly recommended to do this daily or every time you change the water being that every time a flower is taken out of water, the stem dries up almost instantly.


Vase being filled with water 

2. Change the water daily

Even though it’s something so easy, most people put flowers in water once and simply let them sit. If you want your flowers to remain fresh and last as long as possible, start by constantly checking the water level and changing the water daily. Keep in mind that the amount of flowers in the bouquet will depend on the water you will need to keep adding. Also, tap water is fine, and without a doubt will have your flowers bigger and brighter for a longer period of time, but using filtered water has also proven to do an even better job.  Don’t forget to trim your stems every time you change the water!


 Clear soda being poured into a glass

3. Add soda

Those last few drops of soda don’t have to go to waste! Especially when you have a vase of flowers on the kitchen table just begging for a little extra nourishment. The sugar that soda contains will help the petals maintain their color longer and keeps their blooms bigger and brighter than ever. Any soda will work, but if you have clear vase you can always use sodas like 7-Up or Sprite.



4. Try using aspirin (yes, really!)

Another unique way to care for your flowers is by adding a tablet of aspirin.  Make sure to add your water and a crushed tablet before putting the flowers in the vase. What does this do exactly? Aspirin contains an acid that optimizes the water conditions by killing any flower-damaging bacteria which tends to infest vase water fairly quickly, providing healthier water for your flowers to grow in and allowing them to last much longer than your typical flower bouquet.


 Wilting flowers in sunlight

5. Location, location, location

Many aren’t aware that where you place your flowers is a key factor in their vase life. Sunlight is obviously something that flowers need for their blooms to grow big and bright, but when they are cut, arranged into a bouquet, and put into a vase, strong sunlight can be the cause of them withering and shriveling up pretty quickly. Try to avoid placing them near windows or anywhere where sunlight gets in. It is ideal to keep them in a relatively cool environment. Unknown to many, it is also important to keep your flowers away from fruit to maximize vase life. Fruit gives off a certain gases which will quickly cause you flowers to shrivel up and die. Be very careful when choosing where to place them or before you know it your flowers could end up looking something like this.


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