5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

February 03, 2017

This special date that has practically come to be more commonly known as “Pamper Women With Gifts Day” considering that when it comes to gift giving, men these days seem to be the ones doing all the work.  Although shopping for a man is no easy task, it is imperative that women as well put forth the effort to do the same and make sure this holiday doesn’t become too lopsided.

Valentine’s Day is a date for BOTH to show their love for one another. Even though it can sometimes be pretty tricky to shop for a guy, here are some ideas that could make your gift search a little less stressful.


Dollar Shave Club and Harry's boxes


1. Shaving / Grooming kit

Generally, men hate shopping for razors and the prices of facial care products are ridiculous. Whether your man has a baby face or the beard of a caveman, you just can’t go wrong with a shaving kit. Maybe you dig his beard and that scruffy look, but you can’t beat the feeling of caressing a smooth, freshly-shaven face. Here are some popular brands.


Alfred Lane products

2. Alfred Lane Solid Cologne

With this solid cologne you can surprise your man with a unique product and have him smelling good enough to eat without spending tons on brands like Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.  It even comes with a nifty package that’ll surely impress him.


NorthFace Touch gloves

3. North Face E-Tip Gloves

Isn’t it annoying when it’s so cold you have to wear gloves but have to take them off just to use any touchscreen device? And these days, it seems like we have to be able to use such devices at ALL times. Well, with these game changing, high-tech gloves, he can keep his hands warm this February and still use any mobile device he wants.


MVMT Watches

4. MVMT Watches

Maybe your man is the type of guy who never loses track of time, but who said he wouldn’t like sporting a watch just for style? Whether he feels naked without a watch or he just never really dug them at all, MVMT is a brand that will definitely make him an instant fan. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the gift of motivation he needs to pamper you even more on Valentine’s Day.


Tile on a keychain

5.  Tile Bluetooth Tracking Device

If your man always seems to be misplacing things like his keys or even his wallet, then this nifty gadget is the perfect gift for him, especially if his belongings all too often seem to grow legs and walk away.  It’s small, easy to attach to any keychain and even includes its own mobile app for tracking down any lost items.



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