6 Artistic Ways To Use Flowers That Will Blown Your Mind

6 Artistic Ways To Use Flowers That Will Blown Your Mind

February 19, 2017

We can all admit that the beauty of fresh flowers in a vase on the dining room table is undeniable and the rush we feel inside when receiving them is like no other, there are so many more ways that flowers can be used for our delight. Maybe you’re not the most artistic or creative person, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a world-class florist to implement flowers into your decorations in new and clever ways.

Check out how these artists do it:

1. Kathy Klein (@kathydanmala)

Ever heard of a mandala? It is a circle shaped object that is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism, representing wholeness and a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. In modern day terms, “mandala” has become a generic term any type of diagram, chart, or geometric pattern that symbolically represents the cosmos. Kind of weird, huh? Kathy shows us how she makes her custom mandalas with flowers and intricate detail. Pretty cool, right? It might seem like meticulous work, but it pays off and is undeniably a unique and ingenious way to implement flowers into your decorations, even if you’re not a mandala junkie. Don’t forget to check out her website www.danmala.com.


*These photos were taken from @kathydanmala


2. Lady Verdure (@ladyverdure)

Now this one is a real treat! Sick of looking at your flowers just wither away on the dining room table? Looking for some new and creative ways to use them? Check out what Lady does! Sometimes those flowers look a little lonely by themselves so she had the brilliant idea of joining them with different greens, leaves, pines and other plants foraged right from her own garden to design her innovative and eye-catching decorations. Although she incorporates so many different things, she never fails to make her flowers seem like the icing on the cake. Want to step up your decoration game? Take some tips from Lady!



*These photos were taken from @ladyverdure


3. Bridget Beth Collins (@floraforager)

By now you probably think that you’ve seen it all. Wrong! Apart from being a painter, a writer, and a lover of nature, Bridget is a botanic artist that takes flower decorating to an all-new level with her cutting-edge and groundbreaking designs. She makes those flowers look so much better surrounded by plants, leaves, and even mushrooms! Maybe you don’t quite have the artistic ability and creativity to make ingenious decorations like hers, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be leaving your old ways of decorating in the dust. When you think about it, those flowers are too beautiful to be withering away in a flower vase. Take some advice from Bridget and put them to use. Before you know it your decorations will be stealing all the attention and the next one giving advice just might be you. Check out more of her designs at www.floraforager.com.



*These photos were taken from @floraforager


4. Grace Ciao (@grace_ciao)

Who ever said flowers were only for moms on Mother’s Day or lovebirds on Valentine’s Day? Who ever said they had to sit in a vase before they shrivel up and wither away? There is no denying that they are gorgeous, but flowers in a vase are like a book left on a shelf. It gets dusty with time and really serves no purpose. Maybe it will make people think you are a knowledgeable person that reads a lot and maybe even make your shelf look nicer, but it is pointless and has no captivating aspect. For all those artsy people out there, and even for the not-so artsy,  make your flowers stand out even more and check out how Grace incorporates them into her trendsetting illustrations by using them as dresses. Just when you thought you saw it all! If you can’t seem to get enough of her instagram posts you can also check out more of her creations on her website www.graceciao.com.


*These photos were taken from @grace_ciao


5. Day Schildkret (@morningaltars)

Flowers are something that the earth has provided us with that possess a natural and incomparable beauty and it is nothing new that they make for great gifts and elegant adornments, however, we tend to forget that there are many other things that we are given by Mother Nature that can help us revamp our flower decorations. Thought all this flower nonsense was just for women? Think again! Day Schildkret shows us just that with his game-changing decorations and altars. Bet you haven’t seen anything like it before! Maybe you’re not into the whole altar thing but who said you can’t borrow a few of his methods to break the typical flower decorating mold? Take a peek at more of his altar designs at www.morningaltars.com.



*These photos were taken from @morningaltars  


6. Sarah Smiles (@sarah.smiles9)

We’ve seen creations with leaves, branches, pines, mushrooms, and all other sorts of plants, but Sarah is really mixing it up by implementing rocks and even seashells into her unique spiral designs and turning beautiful things of nature into art. Not something you see every day, huh? Yeah, we were just as surprised! The good news is, you can surprise too by using some of her innovative ideas! Maybe you aren’t a world class artist or designer, but we guarantee you’ll have the right to brag about your decorations in no time if you take some advice from her. Want to see more? Follow this link www.etsy.com/shop/sarahsmilesspirals.


*These photos were taken from @sarah.smiles9


You might have all the decorating tips and advice in the world, but you still need the right flowers. Let us help you out with that. Don’t just buy any old flowers, buy BeMyRose flowers.


Comment below with your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions about us or what we do, check us out at bemyrose.com!

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