DIY Flower Arch

DIY Flower Arch

January 29, 2018

We see them on Pinterest, we see them on Instagram, we LOVE flower arches! With such intricate details that create a naturally beautiful, romantic background, flower arches can seem like a far-fetched dream for the less creative. However, making a flower arch is a lot less complicated than you’d think.


Things you’ll need:

  • Greenery
  • Your favorite flowers
  • Hydration tubes or blocks
  • Craft wire
Couple kissing in front of a wooden flower arch
There is no wrong way to make a flower arch, but there is an easy way with BeMyRose. Order a garland online and it will come with all the greenery and flowers you’ll need. The best part is it’s already put together so you only have to worry about finding your arch and using the craft wire to attach your garland!
Two floral foam blocks
When it comes to flowers, hydration is key. If you order with BeMyRose, our garland flowers come with their own hydrations tubes, so all you have to do on your event day is make sure everything is in place and let the flowers work their magic!
If you prefer to find your own plants, the process is a little bit different. For the greenery, simply it through the arch, attaching with craft wire as you go. The flowers need to be stored separately until your event day, as they need to be kept properly hydrated. Before you can attach any of the flowers to the arch, it is important that you attach pre-soaked hydration blocks so that you can place the stems of your flowers into the blocks to keep them looking their best!
Couple hugging under flower arch

Style Tips:

  • Get the full look: Add a bouquet as a centerpiece to your arch using the craft wire
  • Be creative: mix up your arch structure for a fun, unique style
  • Colors are key: make sure you have the right color palette for your theme
  • Use succulents in addition to your greenery for a more modern look (and less work!)
That’s it! Easy as pie  and if you try this out, comment with your pictures down below — we’d love to see your gorgeous floral creations!


Disclaimer: These photos were originally located on Pinterest

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