Flowers and Femininity

Flowers and Femininity

January 22, 2017

As women, what is it that makes us love flowers so much? What is it that touches us in a different way and makes us feel an innate connection unlike any other? Women all over the world no matter what race, religion, or ethnicity have a special and natural love for flowers. For women they are more than just a gift or a pretty plant.

Whether they are roses, carnations, or daisies, it’s like this strange weakness that they can’t help giving in to or a magnet-type attraction inside that they just can’t deny. In fact, it is quite difficult to find a woman who is not captivated or dazzled by them in some way.

Although giving flowers has been such a popular and somewhat worn-out tradition for so many years, this special gesture will never grow old and its value will never be lost. The essence of flowers seems to represent numerous qualities that women admire and love to be associated with.

All women and even most men can admit that flowers are beautiful and their singularity is undeniable, but at the same time their unique and genuine beauty merely scratches the surface of why we have a sweet spot for them and why they make for such a special and meaningful gift.

Men give flowers to women as a symbol of love and this, without a doubt, never fails to have a deep and sentimental significance for a woman considering that they are typically receiving them from a man they truly love or a person they hold dear, but the truth is that women have the power to connect with the essence of flowers on a much deeper level, even without them being given as a gift.

Just the pure sight of them, whether in a flower vase on the dining room table or alongside the road in a country field, is what makes women feel a natural, instinctive connection to their inner selves and to their purest form of femininity.

Why could this be? Maybe because flowers and femininity have a lot of things in common and are two things that go hand in hand. Since flowers are traditionally associated with femininity and womanhood, it is also a direct reflection of how flower blossoms specifically are associated with women and girls as well.

As most know, flowers can be used to show love, but they can also exemplify how a young girl experiences the world (through acceptance, adaptation, and personal growth), and blossoms from adolescence into womanhood just like they can represent a young woman who is a “late bloomer” who has not yet shown herself just like a flower that delays in opening up and showing its true colors.

The mesmerizing elegance of the stems, the unique delicacy of the petals, and the luscious fragrance of freshly-cut blossoms are some of the things that embody femininity, define what women are, how they like to be viewed, and what they aspire to be.

Additionally, they are something that represents natural beauty, from the moment the seed is planted in the ground and takes root to the moment when the last petal opens up to the beating afternoon sun.

Flowers don’t get manicures or wear makeup or even go to the hair salon, they possess a 100% natural and incomparable beauty like a waterfall or a sunset or a meteor shower on a cloudless and starry night, natural and unique beauty that all women can identify with.

So, in conclusion, if femininity and the elegance of flowers seem to harmonize in such a mystic and supernatural way, there really is no need for women to be sitting back and waiting for flowers to be given to them when they can indulge themselves. After all, there is no better way for them to get in touch with their feminine side.


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