Going Green: 4 Tips to Have a Sustainable Wedding

Going Green: 4 Tips to Have a Sustainable Wedding

September 21, 2017

Natural beauty is often a major part of any wedding. The venue, the flowers, and even the weather are all things to consider when planning your big day. The Earth provides you with so much for your wedding, it’s time to start giving back to the environment so that it can stay strong and beautiful for many brides to come. While going green for your wedding can sound like a lot of work, here are four simple tips that can easily make your wedding eco-friendly.

 Organic paper wedding invitations


1. Carefully choose your stationary

Most paper production companies have a serious negative impact on the environment, whether it be by cutting down trees or polluting the air during production. You can help reduce this impact by making eco-friendly paper choice while planning your wedding. Rather than sending out a save-the-date card, consider sending one electronically. This will help you to save trees — and money.

When it comes to your invitations, opt for companies that use recycles paper and or vegetable based inks to further reduce your carbon footprint. You can also put less information on your invitations and instead direct people to your wedding website for additional updates about the location, attire, and meal options.

 Outdoor wedding ceremony


2. Select the right venue for you and the environment

Looking for a venue is one of the first and most important steps of planning a green wedding. The venue literally sets the scene for the rest of the event. If you’ve chosen to get married outside, you’ve already made an eco-friendly choice! By getting married outside in the sunlight, you’re saving a ton of energy.

If being outdoors really isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Getting married in the daytime can help you save on energy usage too because you’ll also have natural lighting on your side. Whether you’re inside or out, remember to check if your venue has a proper waste disposal facility with recycling and compost containers.

Location is important too! Keeping your wedding near all your loved ones means they do not have to drive as far to join your celebration, which will help to reduce fuel emissions as well. Clearly, the right venue can help you have your dream green wedding!

 Box of locally grown organic food


3. It’s okay to be picky!

When it comes to having eco-friendly food, the best options are organic and local. Farms that produce organic food don’t use any harmful pesticides, so you’ll know that your food is earth (and human) friendly. Even though organic food can be more expensive, you can cut down on cost by selecting in-season from a local farmer. Not all local farmers use eco-friendly practices, but if you find the right one buying locally also means your meals will be super fresh!

 Rose bouquet table layout


4. Finding the right flowers

We know how important it is to make sure your floral arrangements accent your wedding perfectly, and it’s equally important to make sure your flowers are environmentally friendly too. Here at BeMyRose, we pride ourselves in knowing our farms use eco-friendly practices to produce premium pesticide-free flowers. However, choosing a florist who provides pesticide-free arrangements isn’t the only way to make your flowers have a positive environmental impact.

Consider reusing your arrangements for multiple parts of your wedding, like your rehearsal dinner and your reception. You can also extend the life of your flowers by donating them to a local hospital or nursing home. Re-gifting your flowers as individual bouquets would also be a great wedding favor that your guests will love!


Comment below with your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions about us or what we do, check us out at bemyrose.com!

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