How to Plan a Beautiful & Sustainable Event

How to Plan a Beautiful & Sustainable Event

November 29, 2017

Great news everyone! A guest has contributed to our BeMyRose blog. Sarah Smith is a journalist, freelance writer, and mother of two. Let us know what you think of her ideas in the comments down below, enjoy!

As the world is slowly moving towards all things sustainable and green, it seems like every aspect of our life becomes affected by it. More and more people today choose healthy foods over foods filled with chemicals, eco-materials over those made of potentially toxic things, and the list goes on. In light of this, it should not come as a big surprise that even the even industry today seems to be influenced by the trend of sustainability.

And while the trend is obviously positive, it's clear that organizing a sustainable and green event is associated with more challenges than organizing a regular one. However, challenging doesn't mean impossible. Armed with tips from this article, you'll easily plan and throw a great, sustainable party. So let's dive right into the topic of sustainable event planning.


Sustainable Foods

No matter how hard we may try to argue, the cold truth is that most of us are the foodies. We all love parties for their great choice of foods and drinks (at least to a certain extent). When planning a sustainable party, it is important to remember that fast foods, artificial sweets, and low-quality drinks should not be a part of this event. When planning a menu, stick to real foods that are both healthy and delicious. Instead of buying a big cake from the nearby supermarket, order it from one of your local bakeries. Fortunately, there are plenty of them these days. When choosing wine, once again, give preference to all that is local and natural.


Sustainable Decorations

Decorations is yet another attribute of any party. Try to imagine a child's birthday party without balloons or a Halloween party without pumpkins and you'll surely understand what I mean. Decorations create the atmosphere, and well all know there is nothing more important than the right atmosphere.

The tricky part about decorations for a sustainable event is that most of the decorations are made from plastic or paper, which contradicts with the concept of sustainability. So what kind of decorations will make your event both beautiful and sustainable? The answer is flowers.

Flowers are the most natural way to decorate any event. To avoid confusion, educate yourself on the topic before picking flowers. It is important to know which flowers are traditionally used for what kinds of events (for instance, some flowers are popular for weddings, while certain flowers might be considered traditional for less festal occasions such as funerals).


Dark wooden desk with brown paper package tied up with string

Sustainable Gifts

While foods and decorations are obviously important, no successful party can happen if there are no gifts and presents. If you share this point of view (meaning you believe that guests should never leave the party without small souvenirs), it's time to think about sustainable gift ideas. Unless you want something absolutely extraordinary, feel free to choose among popular but time-proven ideas like eco-handbags, wooden home decor, herbal tea sets, etc. The key is to keep it natural, green, and recyclable.


The Bottom Line

With so much attention given to the topic of sustainability, it might seem that it is yet another fad that will come and go. However, it is far otherwise. A sustainable way of life is the only one that's left if we want our planet to survive and prosper.


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