Simple DIY Projects For Any Creative Soul

Simple DIY Projects For Any Creative Soul

December 11, 2017

If you’ve ever even glanced at Pinterest, you know that there are a million wonderful DIY projects out there. If you’re like me, you’ve pinned a ton of them that you plan on doing “one day” (when really you do maybe one or two of them, if that). While DIY crafts can be really fun, they can also be pretty difficult if you’re pressed for time — especially when you’re planning for a wedding. Don’t worry though, I did all the hunting for you and found these three super cute (and super easy) DIY projects that you can incorporate into any event.


White pallet board with wedding schedule in black font

1. Paint that Pallet

For any event, having a schedule can be super helpful. Rather than printing out a bunch of individual itineraries for your guests, you can simplify the process by creating your very own pallet schedule. It’s super simple:

  • First, get a pallet. Any old pallet will work. This is a great opportunity to recycle. 
  • Second, paint your pallet a solid color. Or leave it wooden if you like! (Though keep in mind that a light color is much easier to write on)
  • Third, get your schedule up there. You can either hand write/paint your schedule, or use letter stamps to make things even easier.


Clear glass cup with wedding flower centerpiece in sand

2. Get Sandy

These cute little decorations can instantly class up any table. They look great and take maybe 3 whole seconds to make:

  • First, pick your style. Think about the look you're going for so you can get flowers and vases (and sand!) that match your style. You can use real or fake flowers for this too.
  • Second, pour sand into your containers. Either you can measure the amount of sand so that each vase gets the same amount, or just do a little guesswork to make things even easier!
  • Third, cut your stems and place your flowers. Cut the stem of an individual flower to about half the size of your vase — or as tall as the sand in your vase.


Succulents that are planted in mugs with faces on them

3. Keep it Cute

These adorable face planters can be great for home decor, or even a gift for a friend. Just a little touch of customization to make any plant shine.

  • First, select your cup. Pick a mug, any color you like!
  • Second, decorate your cup. Using a Sharpie, draw on any face you like. You can make it super cute or funny, whatever suits your style!
  • Third, plant your succulent. Layer your mug with pebbles, then a plastic bag to prevent rotting, add soil, and another layer of pebbles if you like before placing your plant inside.




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