Top Struggles of Long Distance Relationships on Valentine’s Day

Top Struggles of Long Distance Relationships on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2017

For all those lovebirds out there who are forced to tolerate the pain of being far from their partner this Valentine’s Day, here are some things that you will all surely be able to identify with. Kuddos to all those long distance lovers who can manage to drag themselves through this agonizing day.


1. Physical touch

Anyone that has had to survive Valentine’s Day being far from their loved one can identify with this. As human beings, we need physical touch. It is simply something that is wired into our system. We really have no control over it.

Sometimes we need physical touch just as bad as food or water and even more so when that affection is coming from the one we love most.

On a day like Valentine’s Day, the lack of physical touch and not being able to hug our honey is something that usually hits us very hard, especially when everyone couple around us seems to be blatantly rubbing it in our faces.


2. Valentine’s traditions

The common traditions of Valentine’s Day of buying flowers, chocolates, and going on a romantic date may seem to have become very overused and worn out, but the reality is that couples that are far away from each other learn to appreciate and value these things so much more.

Although they learn to treasure the small things, it is, without doubt, extremely difficult to survive Valentine’s Day without being able to go on a date to Olive Garden, or cuddle on the couch, or even hold hands while walking through the mall.

These things are the everyday things that a typical couple doesn’t even think twice about, but are precisely the things that make this day so hard for a long-distance couple to endure when the going gets tough.


3.  Going out in public

Surely one of the most difficult things for couples with a long-distance relationship during Valentine’s Day is having to go out in public and see all the couples smiling, laughing, and holding hands.

It’s almost like the second you step into a public place whether it’s the mall, the movie theater, or even the local grocery store, all the couples are doing everything they can to rub it in your face.

At least that’s what it seems like, and it’s a moment in which you would give anything to have your love one by your side, holding you tight.


4. Non-stop questions

When you are far away from your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you typically have a romantic Skype date for a few hours and end up talking about how bad you wish that you could be together and share each other’s company on such a special day.

The rest of the day you have to withstand endless questions from friends and family about how your loved one is, what they might be doing, and when you are going to see them again.

Despite your efforts to get your mind off the issue and distract yourself even if it’s just for a little while to avoid the pain, there will always be someone who asks about them and causes your head to start spinning all over again.


5. Reactions

For couples far away during Valentine’s Day sending chocolates or cards or flowers is nothing new, but seeing each other’s reactions and facial expressions is something few and far between.

Pampering our loved one with the things we know make them happy brings us a pleasing feeling inside and fills our hearts with joy, but certainly not as much when we can’t even see their reaction face to face.

Maybe we can see it through a computer screen, but it will simply never be the same since those reactions are normally followed by a big bear hug or even a kiss, two things that a long distance couple have to live without.


6. Loneliness

Although one may be surrounded by friends and family, there is always a sense of loneliness that slowly creeps in. It’s nearly unavoidable. Whether we have a 4 hour skype date or make our best efforts to keep ourselves occupied, the overwhelming loneliness eventually settles in and finds a way to mess with our heads.

That feeling of loneliness is the very thing that makes us realize that absence, with time, makes the heart grow fonder.

No matter how strong the relationship is and no matter love or trust there is, one simply can’t help feeling lonely especially on a day like Valentine’s Day when all the lovebirds are supposed to be flying together.


7. The little things

These are the things that a couple that spends a lot of time together normally overlooks, but for a couple with a long distance relationship these tend to be the things that they miss and learn to value the most.

Things like having coffee together in the morning, singing in the car to the radio, watching movies, being silly together, cuddling, and even those little everyday arguments are usually the things that a long distance couple have to learn to live without.

Although some of these things seem insignificant, any long distance couple would say that they are precisely the details that keep a relationship going.


If you’re in a long distance relationship and struggles like these have been weighing heavy on you, we can help you send them a gift that will make them feel closer than ever before and forget about the distance that separates you.



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