Valentine's Day Flower Horoscope

Valentine's Day Flower Horoscope

February 05, 2018 2 Comments

Pink king protea close-up
King Protea stands for change and transformation. These unique flowers signify diversity and resourcefulness. Aquarius are often seen as the sign that brings people together with their confidence and innovation. You might feel a little out their sometimes, but stick with your gut and continue to share your thoughts.

Close-up picture of white, queen anne's lace
Queen Anne's Lace symbolizes a haven or sanctuary and is often associated with complexity. Pisces, you are soulfully deep and often draw people in with your wisdom and compassion. This Valentine's Day, remember to get a little love for yourself too even though most people see you as comforting and helpful.

Close-up picture of bouvardia double, a hot pink flower
Bouvardia Double symbolizes enthusiasm and indicates a zest for life. Just like Aries, who often have a lot of energy and are seen as unstoppable. This Valentine's Day, be on the the lookout for new experiences and excitement, but don't let yourself miss out on the small things!

Close-up picture of white chrysanthemum
White Chrysanthemum symbolize truth and loyal love. Taurus signs are well-known for their loyalty (and stubbornness). People often feel grounded and safe in your presence. Even with your romantic and careful attitude, an angry Taurus is like an unstoppable bull. Remember to take care of yourself this Valentine's Day and spend your time with someone who accepts all sides of you.

Close-up picture of bright pink ranunculus
Ranuculus symbolizes radiant charm. Gemini energy is seen as charming and original. This makes it easy to connect with others and to establish new connections as well. Spend some time this Valentine's Day connecting with your favorite people.

Close-up picture of pink orchid
Orchids display refinement, thoughtfulness, and mature charm. Cancers are often seen as the responsible "mothers" of a group as they are compassionate and work hard to make other people feel comfortable. Sometimes, Cancers are a security-seeking sign so try to step out of your boundaries this Valentine's Day and try something new.

Close-up picture of yellow iris flower
Yellow Iris flowers represent passion. Leos are well-known for wearing their heart on their sleeve and being protective of their loved ones. Try not to get too caught up in your emotions this Valentine's Day. Passion and protectiveness is great, but this can quickly turn into jealousy and greed.

Orange freesia
Freesia symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness, just like Virgos. Virgo energy focuses on control and organizations, sometimes overworking and micromanaging your life. Downtime is crucial for you this Valentine's Day — give yourself some time to relax and do nothing.

 Close-up photo of white lily of the valley
Lily of the Valley symbolize sweetness and purity of heart. The first thing people think of when it comes to Libras are the scales, but there's so much more to the sign than justice. Libras are hopelessly romantic and value balance in all aspects of life (especially relationships). Don't be afraid to delve deep into your emotions sometimes, they don't always make sense but they need to be acknowledged.

Close-up photo of white heather
White heather symbolizes protection and indicates that wishes will come true. Scorpios are often charming, magnetic, though sometimes overprotective. People often feel safe when protected by a Scorpio, but you need to be able to feel safe too! Put yourself out there this Valentine's Day and be a little vulnerable.

Close-up picture of a sunflower
Sunflowers signify pure thoughts and dedication. Similarly, Sagittarius are usually honest and dedicated. Stay true to your sign this Valentine's Day and seek out adventure. Your optimistic and enthusiastic nature helps to inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones.

Picture of white, yellow, orange, and pink gladiolus flowers
Gladiolus symbolizes strength of character and honor. Capricorns often set their sights high and reach their goals through hard work and determination. Embrace your Capricorn nature and devote yourself to a new project this Valentine's Day, something that you and your significant other can enjoy.

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