5 Types of Vases for 5 Bridal Styles

5 Types of Vases for 5 Bridal Styles

November 03, 2017

Flowers possess a natural beauty that can add elegance and romance to any occasion. But, as beautiful as they are, you can’t hold them in your hands all the time. By carefully selecting a vase that suits your style, you can subtly add to the beauty of your bouquet. Take a look at these great ideas for the different types of vases for different bridal styles that you can use to magnify the beauty of your flowers (and your wedding).


3 vases, one dark brown, two goldWhite daises and pink roses being held by a girl with a lavender top

1. Vintage Bride

For brides with an eye for the old, it’s best to go for a vase with a more minimalist feel. Pair a darker vase with bright florals for a classy, chic contrast to complete your vintage look.


3 clear vases with green candles inside them and twine with pearls wrapped aroundBridal bouquet with black succulents and red roses being held by a bride with a white dress

2. Fireside Bride

‘Tis the season to fall in love with deep crimsons and other autumnal colors. Let the flowers speak for themselves by placing them in a clear vase with twine or silver accents for a foolproof fall look.


Two white vases with diamond texturesOrange roses, pink roses, and yellow daisies in a bouquet being held in front of a blue wall

3. Colorful Bride

Vibrant flowers can capture the hearts of your guests when complimented by a simple white vase. Find vases with cool textures to match your colorful and spunky style.


White vase with gold spotsWhite roses and daisies in a bouquet tied with twine

4. Beach Bride

Next to the waves and sand, neutral tones are totally classic. Accent your flowers with soft golds and sandy tans for a classic beach look.


Two wooden vases, one tall and one short with plants in themOrange rose bouquet being held by a bride and groom

5. Rustic Bride

For brides totally in touch with their earthy side, wooden vases are the way to go. Their natural earthy vibe perfectly accents your bohemian vibes.


 Comment below with your personal favorite bridal style!

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