Which flower best represents the way you show your strength

Which flower best represents the way you show your strength

March 09, 2017

Women’s Day isn’t just a typical day on the calendar set aside to celebrate women. This is a particularly special day in which we come together to stand with women in their never-ending search for equality and to recognize, honor, and embrace women with all their similarities and differences, their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and disabilities, their faith, their beliefs, and even sexual identity. With all this diversity come many contrasting personalities with a whole spectrum of different traits that make them strong in their own way. These traits can be so majestically reflected in flowers which have their own characteristics to help them thrive. Who ever said flowers are delicate? Find out which flower represents your own way of being strong.


Confident like an Astromelia

You hold your head high and are never discouraged or disheartened by anything or anyone. Your high self-esteem is part of what defines who you are.

Astromelias carry an essence that is a perfect representation of women who can find true beauty, value, and confidence in who they are. If you are a woman who can look in the mirror and see her inner beauty, if you can define perfection for yourself and be perfect in your own, special way, if you can value your self-worth no matter the standards that are set by society, then this flower blooms within you.  These days, the word “perfection” is way too often incorrectly defined and in the world we live in is taken out of context. This doesn’t mean a woman must have a Victoria’s Secret body or the physical features to make the cover of a GQ magazine or even a résumé of historic accomplishments that makes her a recognized figure.  If you see yourself reflected in this flower, then you are strong, strong like an astromelia.

Positive like a Rose

For you, the glass is always half full. You make a conscious effort every day of making sure negativity doesn’t fluster you.

Roses possess numerous and unequivocal traits that can be found in the roots of feminine characteristics. If you are a woman that has the power of inspiring and motivating those around you with their positive attitude, your way of thinking, and your conscious, everyday decision of not letting anything or anyone bring you down, then this flower blooms within you.  Maybe the first words that come to mind when you think of roses are love and romance, but orange roses, in particular, are known to symbolize elegance, grace, and above all else positivity, aligning perfectly and ever so naturally with women that have the unique trait of keeping their head above water when the tides of negativity rush in and keeping their self-esteem sky-high despite the adversity in their surroundings. If you see yourself reflected in this flower, then you are a strong, strong like a rose.


Resilient like a Succulent

You might get knocked down, but are never knocked out

If you are a durable women that takes pride in their relentlessness, perseverance, and their ability to bounce back and recover from their downfalls while mustering up the courage and finding the power to overcome any trial or tribulation, no matter if the odds are against them, if you are able to withstand the blows of everyday life, if you are able to brush yourself off and get back up every time you fall, then this flower blooms within you. With their velvety leaves and powdery surfaces, they have become notorious for their resilience. This plant has a long life span and has the unique ability to resist and endure all sorts of climates and conditions. If you see yourself reflected in this flower, then you are strong, strong like the succulent.


Outspoken like a Gerbera

When you have something on your chest or have something to say, you never hold back.

With its vivid, rainbow-like colors the characteristics of the gerbera elegantly harmonize with lively, animated, and audacious characters. If you are humble, but stand out for your buoyant, bubbly personality or your boldness to stand up and make your voice heard by saying what you think, no matter what others may have to say in response or no matter how you may be viewed in the eyes of others.  If you are an honest, direct, straightforward woman who has no fear of vocalizing what’s on her mind, then this flower blooms within you. If you see yourself reflected in this flower, then you are strong, strong like a gerbera.


Idealist like a Loosestrife

You set your mind to proving wrong all those skeptics who say your dreams are just wild fantasies.

If you are a dream chaser, if you rise up when the doubters gnash their teeth, if you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and do whatever it takes to reach your highest goals no matter how impossible they seem, if you are a woman that does not quake or quiver when the naysayers are on the prowl, but rather feeds off their negativity, then the seed of this flower blooms within you. The loosestrife with its unique shape and dazzling white, angelic buds carries a profound and eloquent meaning that resonates with characteristics of a woman who has no fear to pursue her wildest dreams, a woman that, no matter the obstacles, shoots for the stars, thinks big, sets her mind on the things she wants to achieve, keeps her eyes on the prize, and doesn’t stop until her biggest dreams become a palpable reality. If you see yourself reflected in this flower, then you are strong, strong like a loosestrife.


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