FAQs- Delivery

When placing your order, you get to set the delivery date. We recommend that you select a date that is 2-4 days before your wedding. This is so your flowers have time to finish opening and be at peak beauty for your event.
We deliver nationwide! You can choose where your flowers will be delivered when placing your order, which can be at your house, office, or event venue. However, someone must be present to sign for the flowers and receive the delivery.
We deliver flowers between 9am and 12pm, generally 2-4 days prior to your event. We DO NOT deliver flowers on Sunday or Monday, so remember to plan your delivery accordingly. We will give you a tracking number so you can follow your flowers on their journery from our farms to your door. If you have any questions about tracking, we are always available to you at service@bemyrose.com.
We work with UPS & FedEx directly from our farms to you. If there is a delay, we will notify you as soon as we can. Delivering 2-4 days in advance will ensure that even if there is a delay, your flowers will still arrive before your wedding. Only large, unexpected weather issues can cause delays, which will likely only slow down your delivery by 24 hours or less. We are proud to report we have a 100% satisfaction rate with our delivery!
We deliver Tuesday to Friday. We highly recommend delivery 2-4 days before your event so that your flowers will be open and ready to be displayed!
When we cut your flowers, they are not quite at their peak. This is because we ship them to you in a dormant state, so that when you receive them they will open up just in time for your wedding. This ensures that your florals are as fresh and as beautiful as possible.
We understand that in the week prior to your wedding there are many things happening at once. Most venues will accept flower deliveries early. However, If you don’t have a place to store them and properly care for them before the wedding, we can deliver the day before. This is definitely not what we recommend, but our priority is to ensure your bridal journey is as enjoyable as it should be.
Yes, you can make any changes to your order up to 30 days before your wedding day. If you need to make changes during the last 30 days, we might not be able to accept them and you will can be charged a 15% fee for late changes. We understand there are emergencies and do our best to accommodate to your needs, but cannot assure anything about late changes.
We do require signature confirmation for all of our orders. If you do not have anybody that can receive the flowers, we need a signature release permission before we send the flowers. Please remember these are delicate perishables that cannot hang out in the sun without proper care. We will work with you to pick a delivery date that works for you!
You shipment takes two to three days to get from the farm to you. Typically flowers will leave Ecuador on Sunday night, travel 3 hours to Miami where they go through Customs, and get to you on Tuesday morning. As direct as it can be!