FAQs - Flower Care

When you get the box just take out the flowers, trim the stems, and place the flowers in fresh water with the floral food provided. Change the water daily. You will get more specific instructions when you receive the package.
Our flowers DO NOT need refrigeration. They just need to be kept at room temperature with no direct light.
Our flowers will be travelling a couple of days to you, so when you get them they will likely be dormant. That’s totally normal, as they’ve been traveling in cold temperatures.
The bouquets already come without extra leaves, ready to be placed in a vase or to be worn by the wedding party. When you first get them, trim the stems diagonally and place them in water.
The flowers are delivered by FedEx or UPS. You will receive a box with instructions on how to cut the stems and where to store the ready-made bouquets.
Yes, absolutely! Cut flowers are delicate and require fresh water all the time. As they travel to you, they are in cold temperatures and are dormant. Once they arrive they are awake and need water. If you do not place them in water the flowers will likely not last until your wedding day. We are not responsible for flowers that have not been placed in water and properly taken care of.
No, you do not want to put your flowers in the fridge. As they have travelled to you, they were in cold temperatures and remained dormant. Once they reach you, they are awake and do not require refrigeration.
Average room temperature is great! Room temperature is 55-70F, which allows them to open up and be ready for your wedding. They need to be in room temperature, or in air conditioned rooms, with no direct light sunlight or artificial light very close to them.
Our flowers are cut-to-order and shipped directly to you. We cut them in a mid-closed cut point, so that they finish opening in 2-3 days and will be perfect for your special day!
Our corsages and boutonnieres travel with a hydrotube that can give them up to 10 days of hydration. This tube comes with a gel mixture similar to the ones in diapers, but totally biodegradable, compostable, and plant-based. When they need to be worn, just take out the hydration tube and clean off any residues of the gel mixture.
Our flowers have set records! We have clients claiming their wedding flowers were still beautiful after they came back from their honeymoon three weeks later! We call it the power of the fresh! Our flowers will normally last one to two weeks after your wedding. However, it really depends on how you care for your flowers and how hot the wedding day was, as flowers cannot last a long time in high temperatures. If your arrangement includes succulents, you can replant all those babies and have them last you a lifetime!