FAQs - Types Of Flowers

In Ecuador we don’t have seasons, so the vast majority of our flowers, fillers, and greens are offered year-round. If we have an extravagant tropical seasonal flower we will post it in the bouquets description. If you have any specific questions, your floral designer can help you out.
Ecuadorian flowers are known around the world for their premium quality. Due to our farms being on the fertile soil that surrounds volcanoes and the high altitude, we produce fresh, quality blooms. Some of our roses grow up to 6 feet tall! Now you have this unique option to buy them directly from the farmers and they are all sustainable Fair Trade & Rainforest Certified!
The cost of the bouquets and centerpieces does vary depending on the size of the bouquet as well as the type of flowers. Not all flowers are as easy to produce, so we price them accordingly.
You will get something very very similar, but not the exact count. We try to use the same number of focals (the main flowers) as well as fillers and greens, but the actual number can vary depending on the size of the individual blooms included. This is why we state a range of stem numbers on each arrangement.
The only changes you can make to your bouquets are the color of the roses and the ribbons around them. This is something you can discuss with your floral designer over the phone.
Succulents are the winners by far! They can be replanted after the wedding and last a lifetime with you. We have been doing this for over 40 years, so we use flowers that generally last a long time. Most of our flowers will last up to two weeks if their water is changed regularly. The most delicate flowers are the ones with very soft petals, like garden roses and lighter color roses. These will still be perfectly fresh and beautiful for your wedding day!

We know each bride is different and so are their weddings. We offer free phone consultations with our floral designers to help guide you through the best floral options for each season.

With our vast experience in flower delivery, we know what flowers will last and which ones will not make it through shipment. However, we also send a small bunch of mixed flowers, fillers and or greens that match your florals so you can replace some of the flowers if needed. Most of our brides said their bouquets arrived perfectly and ended up using the extra flowers for hair or cake decorations instead!