Why Brides Love BeMyRose

Brides from all over the US have trusted BeMyRose to help make their wedding floral dreams come true.

"When I first started planning my wedding, everything was going to be DIY. I made my own signs, my own drink combos, everything. But when it came to the flowers, it was a lot more work than I thought it would be. It would’ve taken me hours and hours enlisting the help of my friends to make all our bouquets and the centerpieces. Then my soon to be mother-in-law offered to pay for a florist instead. I was skeptical of course, and I didn’t want her to have to spend so much money. But then we found BeMyRose! We were able to get everything we need all within my budget, plus no extra work on my part!"


- Brittney B.

"I was so excited to have super sustainable flowers delivered straight to me, but I was kind of disappointed when they finally arrived. Some of the flowers were wilted and one of the centerpieces wasn’t the one I ordered. At first I was really upset, but my friend convinced me to just take some pictures and get into contact with BeMyRose. They were super helpful and understanding, and replaced the flowers right away!."


- Jess E.

"To be honest, I never thought I would have flowers at my wedding day. They always seemed kind of unnecessary and usually super expensive. My mom of course was really adamant, and found this great company called BeMyRose. She convinced me to look at some of their wedding packages, which for a florist were surprisingly affordable. The flowers that came were just gorgeous and I’m actually glad my mom convinced me to check them out. Thanks BeMyRose!"


- Kayla S.

"It was so hard for me and my hubby to find a wedding florist. We both knew we wanted to get married in California, but it was so far away from us in Connecticut. Trying to coordinate with from miles away was nearly impossible, until a friend told us about BeMyRose. The website was kind of confusing and it took us awhile to figure out how the whole thing worked, but once we set up an appointment with Valentina the whole thing was a breeze! All our flowers were delivered straight to Cali so we didn’t have to worry about a thing."


- Emily A.

"At first I was super skeptical about ordering flowers online without ever meeting the florist. But then the florals came, and can I just say...WOW! They were incredibly beautiful and bright, just perfect for my wedding day.."


- Mary J.

"When I first heard of BeMyRose, I was really excited because it seemed like such a great, alternative option for me and my fiance. I was a little disappointed with their selection though. Most of their flowers were really bright and sweet and feminine, which really isn’t my style. I almost gave up on them, until they came out with their Fall collection, can’t wait for the flowers to arrive!"


- Hannah G.

How BeMyRose saved the day

"BeMyRose saved my wedding! After being scammed by my previous florist, I had limited time to find a new, trustworthy florist! I searched online and came across this floral company. I fell in love with the floral bouquets, each one was more beautiful than the other! I called to speak with someone about my floral selections online and to confirm my order, and was lucky enough to speak with the owner herself, Valentina.

Valentina was extremely kind, helpful, and compassionate about the problems I had just faced with my previous florist. She promised my flowers would arrive on time, in great condition, and that my day would be wonderful - she was right! The flowers were delivered and I had tears in my eyes for how grateful and stress free the order process was. Forever grateful for Valentina and her team!"

- Kelly Ann

The ease of ordering online

"From start to finish, BeMyRose was easy to work with! The hardest part? Deciding which of the beautiful bouquet to choose from. The website was very user friendly and staff were super helpful in answering our questions. I also loved how easy it was to share with friends for a second opinion.

When the flowers arrived, we were blown away. Our bouquets were gorgeous and full of color. The ladies in my event loved their flowers too. We had a lot of people involved in our ceremony and I liked that I could pick several complementary bouquets to mix things up among the ladies. It was so cool that one even came with a sedum that my friend has since planted - it continues to grow and bring joy! The flowers also lasted a super long time after the wedding. Overall it was a terrific experience that I'd recommend to anyone looking to add a unique touch to their special day."

- Kat

The Fairtrade difference

"My experience with Be My Rose was amazing. I was a little nervous about placing an online order for flowers - but it was very simple and compared to a flower shop, I felt the prices were way more affordable. Plus, I liked the Fairtrade aspect. When the flowers arrived they were absolutely gorgeous and looked like they did in the photos! I just trimmed them and put them in jars of water and they were ready to go. I'd definitely recommend this site to other brides who are looking for a great, feel-good way to purchase wedding flowers."

- Jess

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