Ornate Oasis Bridal Bouquet

The safe haven where warm-toned roses and cool-toned succulents can exist in perfect harmony.

  • Size: Whole arrangement measures about 16 inches

  • Stems: 30 to 35

  • Flowers in this bouquet: Fuschia roses, orange bicolor roses, mini green poms, yellow goldenrods, gray succulents, orange pin cushion protea, and yellow daisies


  • This bouquet can be individually packed, or packed with other bouquets in larger boxes depending on your final order

All our bouquets come 'ready-to-wear'! All you have to do is open the box, take out the bouquet, trim the stems, and place them in water prior to your event. You will get more instructions about how to take care of the flowers upon opening the box.

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