Gorgeous Bridesmaids Sample Bouquet for FREE!

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Feeling lucky? Try out our gorgeous flowers for FREE!! Just pay shipping $10.

We'll send a sample bouquet from our best selection of midsize bouquets, just so you know what amazing wedding flowers look like.

  • Pick a bouquet from one of our exclusive collections. 
  • Pay the shipping & your bouquet will arrive 15 days after you place the order! 
  • Our team will send an email confirmation and be here for any questions. 
  • Size: Whole arrangement measures about 12 inches

All our bouquets come 'ready-to-wear'! All you have to do is open the box, take out the bouquet, trim the stems, and place them in water prior to your event. You will get  about how to take care of the flowers upon opening the box.

Remember this is a set sample- for your wedding day you can customize colors of roses and make it just as your dream wedding flowers! You can also purchase our sample packages and customize there your sample.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out by livechat or at service@bemyrose.com. We are here to make your wedding experience memorable!